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Raze It To The Ground!

An unofficial Forum for fans of the Raze series of Flash games.

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Hello all,

I'm Vagueshade, the moderator for this section of the forums.

Now I bet you're all wondering what "User-Generated" Content is?
User Generated Content is something created by YOU, the FANS of the Raze game series.

This can range from fan-fiction stories, to gameplay videos, to fan art. Anything created/captured by you will be featured here by you.

So think of this area as an "art gallery" of sorts, where the things you've created will be shown to others who'd like to see it, and where criticism is always welcome.

All I (and several other moderators) ask is that everything is appropriate for someone at least 12 years old, and that criticism is, again, allowed as long as you do not mock and/or verbally assault anyone here, as it is THEIR piece of work and should feel proud of it, never ashamed.

All right guys, that's about it, now go have some fun! lol!

I am limited, but we are limitless.

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